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I am Mukhia Shanti Kaur, I am a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor by Kundalini Research Institute KRI.

At university I studied Dramatic Art: I have been a performing artist for more than 20 years and I have a theater company specialized in children called Patio de Juegos.

And I am an entrepreneur. 

For many years I practiced Hatha Yoga, until I had a car accident, at 28, and I was forbidden to do Yoga again: the inverted postures were terrible for my cervicals.

It was a very strong process of loss and grief for me. I am a person who learns and experiences through the body, I have always danced, swum, climbed, I have practiced many sports and physical disciplines for the scene… Staying with an impossibility in the body was horrible. Until...


...Years later a therapist told me about Kundalini Yoga as something that could be beneficial for me, energetically speaking. And soon after they opened a new Yoga center near where I lived then and the sign said: Kundalini Yoga.

I arrived, and I never left. Not only did I not hurt my neck but it has improved so much that it is almost forgotten. After 5 years taking classes I entered training as an instructor. Falling in love has become mature love and, 10 years after my encounter, I'm still here, practicing and sharing.


I have been giving classes for more than 15 years, theater, stage techniques applied to different needs and of course, Kundalini Yoga. The diversity of contexts in which I have taught allow me today to have a large number of tools to understand diverse situations and support you in your processes.

I have given classes in multinational companies, rural communities, conferences of academics and researchers; to children, adults and the elderly. I am convinced that to really learn something, the best way is to teach it.

I live in constant gratitude to my students for this privilege. I am passionate about sharing and accompanying paths inward, of transformation and recovery of personal power.


For me Yoga is not something separate from my life, or from life in general. For me EVERYTHING is YOGA, because it is not only the what but the how. Yoga is my path of personal growth and development, my spiritual path and my lifestyle. I keep dancing, doing sports, writing, doing theater, having a business, I keep doing everything I do and everything is Yoga for me. Yoga is the mirror that helps me see myself better.


It is a great pleasure to welcome you to this space prepared for you with dedication and affection, I hope that here you will find good tools and inspiration to have a healthy and happy life that is your birthright. 

Thank you for being here and forming this loving fabric of people who are learning to use their heads to live with their hearts!

sat nam

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